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We once enjoyed a fair system of governance where the monarch, and parliament, were in service to the people. The people had control over the laws they were governed by. We were all sovereign (above rule/self governing).

This system was held together by various constitutional documents, and a constitutional monarch, who upheld the laws outlined in those documents to protect the sovereignty of the people. A series of checks and balances within the system limited the power of the monarch, and parliament, when creating the rules we were governed by.


The monarch would only grant assent to acts and statutes which complied with our constitutional rights. Legislation could be nullified by juries, in common law courts, despite having been granted Royal assent. This separation of powers prevented those who governed us from doing so tyrannically.

The system has been gradually eroded over a period of 100’s of years. A series of subtle changes in documents, breaches in oaths, and failure by monarchs to uphold constitutional laws, has resulted in a loss of sovereignty. We are once again subjected to tyrannical rule.

Legislative documents created after 1686 were not granted assent by a constitutional monarch. Therefore, we defer to documents created lawfully prior to this date.

We seek to restore our fair system of governance by reestablishing the balance of power within the system, and the sovereignty of the people.

Magna Carta 1215 is one of the most powerful constitutional documents created. It ended the tyrannical rule of King John, by making him (and subsequent monarchs) equally accountable to the law. Thus, it established the Rule of Law.

Magna Carta also contains a security clause (article 61) which can be invoked, on behalf of the people, when the system that protects them has been undermined. It provides them with a peaceful way to remedy the situation.

Article 61 was invoked on 23rd March 2001 when the Queen committed treason. It remains in effect to this day. Therefore, the people have a lawful way to remedy the current situation. However, for this to be successful, we need our police force to protect the people, and observe the Rule of Law, by holding government officials accountable for their crimes. In this document we provide detailed evidence of how our fair system of governance became corrupted over time. We also present evidence of serious crimes committed by government officials.

The crimes show how they knowingly committed treason by acting against the interests of the people and allowing their sovereignty to be eroded.

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