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Issue: 7th November 2020 

Served on: 

To: All United Kingdom, Police Constables 

Notice: Your duty under the English Constitution and the common law of the realm 


Please read the following ‘Notice’ thoroughly and carefully. It informs you. It means what it says. The Committee I act as Agent for and those we represent do not stand under the Law Society’s ‘legalese’ and there are no hidden meanings or interpretations beyond the simple English statements herein. It is a NOTICE, a LAWFUL DOCUMENT and EVIDENCE. It means what it says. The information herein is of the UTMOST IMPORTANCE and requires your IMMEDIATE and URGENT ATTENTION.  


Please be aware that failure to act IMMEDIATELY upon the evidence contained within this LAWFUL NOTICE in accordance with English constitutional law, contravenes the lawful duty of any public servant within or without the realm of the English Isles and Commonwealth, and is an OFFENCE under various current constitutionally arranged treason legislation of the realm, the 1571 Treason Act for example. 


It is an offence at common law for any man or woman who knows that treason is being planned or committed not to report the same as soon as he/she can to a Justice of the Peace (misprision of treason); it is also an OFFENCE at common law for any Police Constable, of whatever rank, to not investigate crime(s) (HIGH TREASON) contained within this document, especially since Article 61 of Magna Carta 1215 was lawfully invoked according to the correct protocols of English constitutional law on the 23rd March 2001, invoked because of the treason committed within the ‘Treaty of Nice’. To even deny Article 61’s invocation would be an act of sedition as common law and contravene the 1571 Treason Act.  


BE WARNED – The Maxim in law is very clear: Ignorance of the law is no excuse. Whilst the defence of ‘Superior Orders’ often known as the ‘Nuremburg Defence’, or ‘just following orders’ was clearly discredited in the Attorney General of Israel vs Adolf Eichmann in 1961, leading to his conviction and subsequent execution on the 1st June 1962. If current serving Police Constables will not defend the sovereignty of the people of the realm, whilst continuing to serve treasonous usurping forces, then it leaves no option but for the people to police and defend the realm themselves, as demanded by said Article 61, which provides each and every one of us leave to do so “in any other way we can”. For without National sovereignty we become a nation of slaves to usurping forces such as the United Nations or New World Order. 


Under constitutional law, the sovereign people of the realm including the commonwealth are governed by the laws and principles developed and passed on from previous generations and widely accepted as the law of the land. All public servants are in service to the people by sworn Oath of Office to a constitutional Monarch, who in turn is also in service to the people by sworn Oath (Coronation Oath). 


The principles of law are simple because they should be natural to us all … to cause no harm, no loss and to remain peaceful, whilst also honoring any agreements made with others is all that is demanded by law, and we are free to do anything that does not contravene these four basic principles. 


Your Chief Constable was served a NOTICE OF OBLIGATION ACCORDING TO ENGLISH CONSTITUTIONAL LAW between the 20th and 31st October 2020, on behalf of the sovereign people within the realm that clearly exposes the FALSE AND TREASONOUS claim of Parliamentary sovereignty. This Document is available in the public domain at It lists in detail our understanding of the law: that we have not had a constitutionally arranged Monarch since 1686 rendering lawful Royal Assent to any Parliamentary Business unobtainable. Therefore all Statutes & Acts from this date are Null & Void, do not have the force of law and are therefore fraudulent. 


This is clearly evidenced in sect 38 (1) European (Withdrawal Agreement) Union Act 2020: ‘It is recognised that the Parliament of the United Kingdom is sovereign”. This is clearly HIGH TREASON as these people who proposed this act or treachery and subversion, along with those who voted upon such a despicable and heinous act of HIGH TREASON, have Oaths of Loyalty to the QUEEN, just like you. 


For it is the Police who are called upon to uphold law and apprehend those guilty of criminality in accordance with their sworn Oath of Office at Law or Attestation by statute. 


The English common law applies to all sovereign living breathing men and women, and dictates that we are all born free to do whatever we choose for ourselves, provided that we do not cause harm or loss to another’s life, liberty or property, or their rights to life, liberty or property. 


England, within the United Kingdom of Great Britain is a common law jurisdiction and provides the people with National sovereignty. The English Parliament has no lawful authority to breach, surrender land or transfer, even temporarily, the sovereignty of the people except when conquered in open warfare. 


The constitution of the realm shows the People are sovereign. This is clearly evidenced by the pyramid of Oaths of public office, with public servants swearing loyalty to the Monarch, who in turn swears loyalty to the people through their coronation Oath. The people only divest responsibility to the Monarch, for the purposes of exercising that sovereignty, in return for the rights, freedoms and protections guaranteed by the constitution the Monarch is sworn to uphold, as per the common law. 


As a Police Constable sworn under solemn Oath, you are required by law to investigate all allegations of Crime. Failure to do so without lawful excuse is likely to see your conviction for ‘Misconduct in public office’ at common law which carries a mandatory custodial sentence. 


As a man or woman it is your duty to escalate all reports of Treason in the correct manner. To do otherwise without lawful excuse, is likely to see your conviction for the ‘misprision of treason’ and given the evidenced allegations within this Notice & the Notice of Obligation under English constitutional law referenced earlier in this Notice, of local councils surrendering sovereignty to the United Nations regarding Sustainable Development Goals or worse still Government Ministers within the Johnson administration conspiring and conniving, to fraudulently claim sovereignty over the sovereign people of this realm, it is likely conviction would be for the ‘misprision of high treason’ with sentencing under the 1571 Treason Act, upon conviction indicated as being ‘Hung by the neck until dead’. 


As a man or woman, to speak out against the lawful invocation of Article 61 Magna Carta 1215 on the 23rd March 2001, would be seditious just as it would be for any Police Constable to uphold FALSE LAWS from the PRETEND POWERS that clearly have not lawfully attained Royal Assent, facing trial for sedition with sentencing under the 1571 Treason Act, upon conviction indicated as being ‘Hung by the neck until dead’. 


We now affirm that all the information herein is correct and true to the best of our collective knowledge and personal experience, and that we the people have ‘lawful excuse’ and the lawful authority to make and enforce (if necessary) such demands on all public servants to act in accordance with our 1000 year old common laws, customs and traditions.  


As of yet treason is an unproven claim because no court of law exists within the realm to hear the matter. Whilst the police continue to ignore the truth in law (evidenced facts), and continue to aid and abet high treason instead of serving and protecting the people as they should be, we the people are increasingly duty bound by law and conscience to put an end to this travesty "in any other way they can”. 


We would of course prefer to use reason, logic and the truth to defend the realm in a peaceful and lawful manner by bringing the guilty parties to justice within properly convened courts of law. All police officers today are acting outside the law in outlawry and therefore have no protection under the law as a result - a… perilous position indeed.  


And so, appealing to you as reasonable sovereign beings one to another, we implore you to consider this grave situation confronting us all, as being in our shared interest to address. Please contact us through the email addresses at the top of this Notice in the first instance. 


There is remedy available, but this will require the shift into the jurisdiction of our common law terrain. Police jobs would simultaneously become much easier. Clearly, the current system is driven by fraud and morally corrupt, which is supported by evidence, statements, letters and emails within our supporting content from Police Commissioners, MPs and Business owners alike.  


Without malice vexation, frivolity or ill will, and on penalty of perjury. 



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