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Affidavit of Truth

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Statement of Truth


This being the fourth (4) document, We the people and our undersigned Agents have served to you including a ‘NOTICE OF OBLIGATION ACCORDING TO ENGLISH CONSTITUTIONAL LAW’, a ‘NOTICE TO COMPEL PERFORMANCE’ & a ‘NOTICE OF DEFAULT & OPPORTUNITY TO CURE’ we must now draw your attention to the perilous position you are placing the Realm into by your continued and evidenced, Misconduct in public office through nonfeasance, & given the current evidenced allegations of HIGH TREASON within Westminster you must yourself be considered for charges of High Treason, Misprision of High Treason and Sedition at common law which if you were to be convicted before Court De Jure carry a mandatory Death Penalty, should you fail to act, or respond to this ‘Affidavit of Truth’  within the generous 7 day time scale allowed.


Failure to respond to this ‘Affidavit of Truth’ within the timescale in substance with proof of counter claim will be taken to be your Tacit agreement to the facts below.


  1. Your Solemn Oath of Office (EXHIBIT I) as a Police Constable clearly shows your loyalty and Allegiance  is to the Queen, confirming your lawful & moral duty to perform with Fairness, Integrity, Diligence & Impartiality and prevent all offences against people and property, acts of Treason and Fraud are just such offences. 


  2. The realm has not had a constitutionally arranged Monarch since 1686


  3. The Treason Act 1571 (EXHIBIT D) is current constitutional law, which was created by a constitutionally arranged monarch          and has NOT been repealed by the same.


  4. For a Parliamentary Bill to become an Act of Parliament it must be granted Royal Assent


  5. Constitutional Law stipulates Royal Assent may only lawfully be Granted or Withheld by the serving Monarch in accordance        with their lawfully binding coronation Oath


  6. Royal Assent can only be provided by a Monarch with Lawful Standing


  7. The Security Clause of Magna Carta 1215 colloquially known as Article 61 was invoked on the 23rd March 2001 & to          this day has not been revoked


  8. The invocation of the Security Clause of Magna Carta 1215 colloquially known as Article 61 deposed Queen Elizabeth II        in law, making Royal Assent unobtainable


  9. The Promissory Oaths act 1868 sets clear Parameters & Constraints to protect the uncodified Constitution of the Realm                through Oaths of Allegiance to the serving Monarch including all members of Parliament whether Lords Spiritual and                  Temporal along with those in the Commons.


10. Parliament declaring it self-sovereign is an act of High Treason, as clearly indicated by The Coronation Oath at the peak of        a pyramid, and all subordinate oaths are bound by its limitations. The armed services swear allegiance to the sovereign,            not to the government of the day. This helps clarify the principle that allegiance is necessary, and not optional – an                   essential part of the checks and balances of our constitution. Parliament can never be Sovereign over either the Monarch           or her people.


      A. Every member of Parliament including Lords Spiritual and Temporal, Commons and Ministers alike, who had sight or                  knowledge of this Bill must face justice in accordance with the Common Law for the Misprision of High Treason

      B. Every member of Parliament including Lords Spiritual and Temporal, and Commons alike, who voted for this Bill must                  face justice in accordance with the Common Law for High Treason


11. The realm is a common law jurisdiction as clearly contracted by Queen Elizabeth to the people in her Coronation Oath.


12. While invoked the Security Clause Magna Carta 1215 empowers the Sovereign people of the realm to Police the realm in        accordance with the law of the land.


13. While invoked the Security Clause Magna Carta 1215 empowers the Sovereign people of the realm to hold Court De Jure        in accordance with the law of the land.


14. It is our lawful understanding that conviction by Court De Jure in accordance with the law of the land for the crimes of High        Treason, Misprision of High Treason & Sedition carry a mandatory death penalty that may only be commuted by Royal              Mercy


15. While the Security Clause Magna Carta 1215 is invoked it is our lawful understanding Royal Mercy would not be                    obtainable lawfully


16. As an Oath sworn Police Constable you have a clear duty under Oath, to investigate all allegations of Crime without fear          nor favor, if you either fail to lawfully rebut the allegations of HIGH TREASON by proof of counter claim, you have a clear          and immediate duty to investigate the evidenced HIGH TREASON & MISPRISION OF HIGH TREASON in points 10 A            and B. Failure to either Rebut our understanding of the law by proof of counter claim & fail to act in the timescale may be          used as evidence against you, at any future Judicial process such as Misconduct in public office, Misprision of high treason        and sedition


17. Due to the significant importance of the European Union (Withdrawal Agreement) Bill, it would appear a clearly evidenced        gross dereliction of duty of every member of the Houses of Parliament had not read carefully the text of this proposed                legislation which the remaining 89 Members of the House of Commons & in excess of 230 Members of the House of Lords        whose knowledge in this Treasonous legislation is yet to be investigated, & if innocent after investigation charges of                  Misconduct in public office against these Members of Parliament are therefore clearly evidenced and must be answered.



   We the people demand your response within 7 days to rebut our understanding of the law, or for you to contact our council       of representatives to reassure that you will be fulfilling your duty under Oath and protecting us, as victims of crime from further      Trespass, while investigating our evidenced allegations & prosecuting when and where appropriate without fear or favour.


   I hereby attest and affirm that all of the above is the truth and as to my Lawful understanding.


   We the undersigned hereby demand that all Police Constabulary’s MUST assist the people to achieve a properly convened         court de jure trial so that the TRUTH can be heard according to the law.


   Without malice, vexation, frivolity or ill will, and on my full commercial liability and penalty of perjury and, with no admission     of liability whatsoever and with my natural, indefeasible and unalienable Common law rights reserved.


   Sworn and subscribed on the date:   14/12/20


   Signed We The People:

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