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19th January 2022

Covid 19 gene therapies marketed as vaccines and a number of United Kingdom Civil Servants are now under criminal investigation by Hammersmith Police, Criminal Investigation Department. CID.

Case Number 6029679/21

Our local Greater Manchester Police Chief Constable Stephen Watson has been made aware of this case and substantial evidence has been provided to Hammersmith CID from injured victims, professional health subject matter experts, global specialists in vaccines and NHS whistle blowers.

If confused why this has not been aired in the national press or on television it is due to the restrictions by those controlling the UK GOVERNMENT also have controlling influence in these sectors and the wider media in general be it TV, Radio, Print and Social Media.

Further background can be researched by initially watching the documentary MONOPOLY – Who Controls The World by investigative documentary film maker Tim Gielen. Link provided overleaf.

A parallel case has now been lodged with the International Criminal Courts in the Hague reference: Filing Number ICC-OTP-CR-473/21 submitting lawyer Hannah Rose.

If you feel you have been damaged by the Corona Virus – COVid 19 Vaccine, report it to your local Police and have your information connected to Crime Number 6029679/21 Metropolitan Police – Hammersmith CID team.

Greater Manchester Police have a parallel intelligence gathering file lodged since 18th April 2021. File number INT/06A1/0004545/21. This stored archive will assist local businesses and residents who have been impacted in this recent period 19th March 2020 to date moving forward.

Should you have in your vicinity a 5G/ 4G LTE telecommunications mast and have had any of the vaccines and feeling unwell there is a direct correlation between Electro Magnetic Waves and nano particulates that are present in the vaccine/ gene therapies and sickness.

Police are being requested by We The People to close down the COVid 19 Testing Centres, Vaccination Centres and Councils to stop future development of the 5G infrastructure that currently has no health related risk assessment in place for use in industrial, urban or residential areas.

The UK Civil Servants under investigation are in breach of the Nolan Principles which is their mechanism to identify whether they are performing in their public duties. These apply also to the NHS and Police.

Further research on your behalf is required in order to confirm what is stated here. Points of reference and contact can be found overleaf. Thankyou.


Bruce – Robert: Lamb : Common Law Constable EN 28176

PDF For Manchester Version Linked.

Word Copy For Adapting Contact

Tel: 07496 300789


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